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Kings @ Yotes - Postgame

Great win by the boys in red and sand tonight! They definitly got the goals when they needed them tonight, but there were also some big things that they need to work on if they're going to start stringing the wins together.

The Good

  • Enver Lisin! - This kid can really fly. He got two goals two different ways. The first he got by simply moving towards the net and finding the puck on the ice at the right time because he was in the right place. The second was a pretty goal on the break thanks to a combination of his breakaway speed as well as a perfect line to line pass by Derek Morris.
  • Mikael Tellqvist - Another big night for the backup goalie. Stopped 32 of 34 shots to keep the Coyotes in the game until the offense could get the needed goals to win it. Goal #1 was more of a defensive lapse than anything Telly could have prevented. Jovo and Hale need to be able to handle getting the puck away from the front of the net. Goal #2 was off a rebound, but not anything to be ashamed of. All around a solid effort.
  • Derek Morris - Great passing and intensity. Since coming back from an injury that kept him out for 3 games, DMo has 2 goals and and assist.

The Bad

  • The entire 2nd Period - For the majority of the 2nd, we just couldn't get anything going. It looked like we were on the PK quite a bit when we were in fact not. While that's nothing new for this season, It was pretty bad tonight.
  • Lots of opposition shots - 34 shots on goal tonight. In the last 5 games the Yotes have given up 35-40-38-21-34. And the 21 was against the Sharks which we still lost. If we want to climb out of mediocrity we have to start limiting the amount of chances our opponents get on our goal. even if we cut down angles and options, with that many shots, pucks will find a way to get into the goal.

Again, good night, happy with the win, but they need to keep working hard if they want to climb up the standings in the West. Check out the highlights below for video evidence...