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Coyotes Fall to Red Wings in SO

And now I understand why people hate the shootout oh so much. Glad we got the point, but the rollercoaster of emotion of booing followed by cheering and then having to go home with the OTL. Even the wins after the shootout don't feel all that great. It's just a crappy way to end a game. Let's go back to ties and just give everyone 1 point and go home. That would feel better. Anyhow... To the game!

Let's go back to the Keys of the game and see how we did...

1. Goaltending - Bryz had an alright game, but got screened, or left out to dry too often by the guys in front of him. He let in the early goal, but made batter and better saves as the game went on.

2. Defense - I think they played alright. Nothing outstanding, but It could have been a lot worse. Klee actually had a good game bringing some hits out.

3. Checking - They did okay in this department too. Carcillo of course delivered a few good ones, Jovo too.

4. Special Teams - Lapses on both ends. Mostly the PP. While we were able to get a couple of PP goals, the mojority of the time we let the Detroit PK just push us around. Not good. And we gave up the shorthander. That was horrible. Boo.

5. Get the lead early and keep it - Nope. We kept up and made it a close one, but going up early could have taken the croud out of the game. I'll expand more on that tomorrow perhaps...