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Phoenix @ Stars Postgame


I think we won. If not, the constelation still has it right...

WE WIN! 5 - 3. We get our confidence back, Bryz looked like he was doing alright and our offense was able to put up some goals and had other quality chances. Pretty happy with the effort tonight.

Star of the Game: Olli Jokinen

Olli Jokinen

#12 / Center / Phoenix Coyotes



Dec 05, 1978

Had a great 1st game back and showed no lingering damage from the shoulder injury. Scored 2 goals including the game winner at the end of the second period with 3 seconds left. Deflated the Stars and the crowd and didn't give them a chance to get it back before intermission. The Stars tried to get things going again, but the 'Yotes did great in the 3rd and shut them down.

Martin Hanzal had another great game, also scoring 2 goals and generally being a pain to the Stars. Disrupting passes and plays, which is exactly how he got his second goal on an open net when Turco tried to be a skater from the outside boards and pass cross ice.

The Good:

  • Bryz getting a legitimate win - Rather than filling in and taking the W from Telly like he did a few games ago, he hung on even though giving up 3 goals and played a strong game on the whole.
  • Olli and Hanzal - 2 goals each, played well outside of the goals as well.
  • D didn't have too many lapses tonight and the didn't automatically turn into goals like they sometimes tend to do. Sauer was a little off, but that's about it.

The Bad:

  • Keep up the pressure - Things went right when they turned the pressure up and went poorly when they sat back. That's why they were able to take it home in the 3rd. They went up and decided they wanted to win so they kept pressuring the Stars.
  • Please stop toying with the lines Wayne. I know you like to do it, and that it's the "In" thing to do around the league, but knock it off. FInd some chemistry and let it grow.
  • Marginal reffing again - What's up lately? Lots of Marginal calls and blatant non-calls for most of the game. We won, but the refs didn't do either side any good.