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Coyotes @ Glitter Game Thread




Phoenix Coyotes Dallas Stars

Location: America Airlines Arena
Start Time: 6:30 p.m. MST
Radio: 910 AM (Live feed at top of page that opens)

I'm not feeling all that great tonight, physically, not about the game or anything, so I'll keep this brief. There is 1 key and only 1 key to tonight's game rather that the standard 3 keys. That key is...


Last game against the Blackhawks was a breakdown on every consievable level for the boys. Other than Enver Lisin getting a goal (Who may end up not playing tonight) there is no way the team as a whole can play any crappier than they did on Sunday. They have to attempt to put that debacle behind them and get back on track. They certainly couldn't do any worse... Dallas is the team to do it against too. They haven't been playing well, have all sorts of other things going on with the Avery Circus around them, and simply haven't lived up to expectations. Maybe we can even see some of this again...