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Onyx over at Coyotes Hip Check already has her GDT up. I hope she's wrong about Lisin not being in the line up. He was the only bright spot in a craptacular Blackhawks game. Sh's also got some thoughts about Versteeg's suspension.

The Ice Hockey Diva is annoyed with the lastest round of "Coyotes in Trouble" articles

The Coyotes are expecting Olli Jokinen back in the lineup tonight against Dallas. Per Coyotes "Blogger" "Dave Vest". (Mini-rant --- Coyotes, please get rid of this guy. I understand hiring the guy to be VP of News Content or whatever to shut him up because he was critical of you in the papers, but he stinks. If I want nothing else on this blog it's to do a better job of promoting the team, and hopefully be a better writer than that hack. At least stop putting video of his ugly mug on your website. Thanks.)

Virgin Hockey Fan has sometime to compare Bryz to something terrible with some help from Simon Cowell.

The Detroit Red WIngs are offering $9 tickets to some December and January home games. How come this hasn't resulted in a slew of articles about them moving across the Detroit River into Windsor??? HUH?! (FYI. Yeah, I know it's not the same....)