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Five for Howling - Now Open for Business


Greetings and Welcome to your new home for Phoenix Coyotes news here on SBNation. I'm OdinMercer and I'll be your host here. I hope that you'll find my posts and ramblings informative and amusing.  As there's a real lack of Coyotes news to be had, we barely even have a beat writer that covers the team, and as nearly all the news is given out by the team, I'm looking to fill the void that I know all of SBNation has been hurting from, by having Breaking Coyotes news!  I hope to be able to write many an informative post about the Coyotes so that everyone can learn a little something about "That team in the desert." That doesn't mean that you'll just get stats and news! No! You'll also get amazing (and funny) photoshops and movies about the Coyotes and maybe even some other teams here and there.

If you're new to SBN, take some time to look around the page and check out the awesome features that SBN has put into all of the NHL blogs here. The schedules, rosters, standings and stats of the team are pretty much all here so there's barely a reason to go anywhere else. Have a story that you'd like to write about that you don't see covered? That's great! Take a look at the FanPosts feature and add your own story comparing Jeremy Roenick to a bag of rocks if you like, or breaking down your favorite stats. Got some great picture, video or quote that you just want to share quickly? That's what the FanShots feature is for. You can upload video, pictures, short blurbs or audio files that you find interesting and have everyone talk about them. If you write or find anything that I find especially awesome you could find yourself on the front page! Here's a more in-depth guide on how to use these features from Bleed Cubbie Blue, the Cubs blog on SBN.

If you've been around SBNation for a while, I hope you'll join Five for Howling as well and comment and be part of our community. Even if you are a fan of some other less cool team...

Comments, suggestions, concerns and complaints are more than welcome. Feel free to email me with your praise or wishes. Complaints however should be filled out in triplicate and sent to:

Complaint Department 
65 Athabasca St. W., 
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada 
S6H 3J6

Thanks and I look forward to howling with you soon!