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Friday's Coyotes Tracks - The End Is Near


The end to the Phoenix Coyotes' ownership saga is not too far off but in the meantime, there is a draft on June 30, and the Coyotes hold the 12th overall selection.

Raffi Torres Suspended for Memorial Day BBQ


San Jose Sharks forward Raffi Torres will miss a charity barbecue this Memorial Day weekend after being suspended for yet another dangerous hit. (parody)

The Torres Trick


Torres is making $1 million this season and is second on the Canucks in goals scored

Kings 3, Oilers 4


I'm not exactly mad at the outcome of this game. The Kings only get one point as they are snuffed on the shootout by Mathieu Garon. The Oilers grab two points and the Kings take home one. But let's...

Shooting Percentage, 2007-08


One of the statistics that the number crunchers on various Oilers blogs constantly refer to is shooting percentage. A high shooting percentage (compared to a player's career average) likely...

In Defense of Raffi Torres


When the rumour mill churns out a name other than Jarret Stoll or Joni Pitkanen, it's usually Raffi Torres. A player widely disparaged (see here for one particularly repugnant example) by hockey...

Raffi Torres Dealt to Columbus


As per Lowetide (not sure where he got it from), the Oilers have trade Raffi Torres to Columbus in exchange for Gilbert Brule. My take: this is a salary dump.I have talked a lot about Raffi Torres...

Every So Often, You Get Surprised


When Rick Olczyk was hired, not a lot of commentators on the Edmonton Oilers said much about it. Increasingly, however, he's getting difficult to ignore- and in a good way. Jim Matheson's column...

Unfashionable People Saying Questionable Things


I quote from the Metro News quite a bit, now that Robin Brownlee has taken to writing a weekly piece for them. This post will site a quotation from another one of their writers, former Sportsnet...

Oilers Sundry From Matheson


Jim Matheson's column today is a-brimming with this and that about the Oilers. This is a good thing, given the dearth of information trickling out; it makes writing these entries every day a...

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