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The flawed NHL points system

NHL executives have kicked around the idea of changing the game,(again) in order to cover up something they don't like. Complicating the situation to water down the problem is simply setting the stage for more problems to pop up.

Fresh Links: Mini Pads Edition

NHL and NHLPA agree on downsizing goalie pads. Who will be #2? Putts and Punches for Parkinsons TODAY. Bruins defense youth movement. A look at Fraser, Morrow, and Smith, the OTHER acquisitions from Dallas. NOHA Develoment weekend. WJC Camp news.

Fresh Links: Bear Trap Edition

2-0 Bruins vow vigilance. Pens fall from faves to flops. McGuire praises (gasp) Julien, Bruins. Marchand under Pens' skins AND in their net. Prank call to Pitt bar "is Owen there?" TSN "Puck Over Glass" song. NHL rules changes. St. Louis wins Ross.

Wednesday's Coyotes Tracks - New Looks & New Rules

The Los Angeles Kings cut Chicago's series lead in half while two other NHL teams will look a little different when they take the ice next season.

Frozen Grounds: Explaining some NHL terminology

Hockey is actually a pretty simple game, once you get used to it. But there are still some terms that are a bit unusual that aren't so easy to figure out.

VIDEO: ECHL Officiating Gaffe Makes Us Appreciate NHL Referees

NHL fans have grown increasingly frustrated with the inconsistent nature of the quality of officiating in hockey over the years. With a sport that is moving faster and faster with bigger hits and...

Three years ago on Raw Charge: Officiating sucks

Linking to a past post chronicling the absurdity of NHL officiating. How little has changed in three seasons is unnerving.

The Five For Howling Roundtable: A Few Of Our Favorite Hockey Things

What do you like or dislike about hockey? The Five For Howling staff members list their likes and dislikes in this week's edition of the Roundtable.

Rules Primer: Why Goalie Interference Has To Be So Freaking Complicated

After three goalie interference calls marred the Dallas-Stars Columbus Blue Jackets game, we take a look at the nuances of the rule.

Open thread! Open thread! Open thread! Or something

Tuesday night open thread asks the question to the fans: What one of these would.... Wait. You'll just have to just stop by and see for yourself.

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