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Marc Trestman joins Positive Coaching Alliance


Chicago Bears Head Coach Marc Trestman has joined the Positive Coaching Alliance, a national non-profit developing "Better Athletes, Better People" by providing young athletes with a positive,...

Gay Softball World Series invites White Sox Gordon Beckham and Jerry Reinsdorf to attend


Local organizers of NAGAAA's Gay Softball World Series have invited Chicago White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham (right) and team owner Jerry Reinsdorf to the Gay Softball World Series in late...

Sports History 101: The Myth Of Contraction


Everyone's always talking about contraction -- contract this team, contract that team. But if history has taught us anything, not only has contraction barely happened at all, it's certainly not...

Jerry Reinsdorf wants more money


" Speaking on a panel discussion about baseball in Israel, White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf was asked by a fan about the possibility of international expansion. He said he'd rather see two teams contracted."

Who's right in the Boras-Reinsdorf flap?


Scott Boras and Jerry Reinsdorf are both dealing in the facts in their dispute, but they seem to be talking about two completely different time periods.

'All In' strategy all on White Sox, not fans


Jerry Reinsdorf is pinning his hopes on White Sox fans showing up to U.S. Cellular Field. But the continual increase in ticket prices takes the decision away from a lot of White Sox fans.

Phoenix Coyotes Funding OR Why David Shoalts and Phil Lieberman are Full of Crap


Phil Lieberman is either crazy, stupid, senile or any combination of the three.

Holy Crap Storm Batman! Ice Edge Back on the Table? Reinsdorf Out? Lots of questions surround Coyotes...


So at this point do we just throw our collective hands up and just ask anyone in Glendale if they have any clue at all what they're freakin doing? Reports coming from ESPN and elsewhere now have...

Bits: Okposo's season resumes, Detroit's lives, Reinsdorf 'bid' doesn't


The latest round of shuffling and rumors in the Coyotes ownership situation sullied a good night of NHL playoff action; Kyle Okposo gets ready to play in front of 76,000 fans.

Marc Stein and Bill Simmons on the Bulls 'dysfunction'


Marc Stein and Bill Simmons outs the Bulls as an organization no major free agent would want to play for. And the delay in the firing of Vinny Del Negro isn't helping that perception.

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