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Does Anyone Know Anything?: More Coyotes Sale Nonsense


Once again Diagramming the idiocy of David Shoalts at the Globe and Mail regarding the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes.

City of Glendale Finally Gets on Board with Ice Edge Holdings


So in what was possibly the most anti-climactic resolution to the negotiations between Ice Edge Holdings and the City of Glendale, the City Council gave the thumbs up to the Memorandum of...

City of Glendale to Meet in Executive Session Today to Discuss Coyotes, Ice Edge


In the next "Hooray this might get done someday" step in the morass that has become the sale of the Coyotes, the Glendale City Council will meet today at 2PM local time to get an update on where...

Glendale Gets It's Man In Approving Jerry Reinsdorf


So all the backroom dealing finally paid off. The City of Glendale and the NHL finally got the guy it wanted in Jerry Reinsdorf. It may just be part one of this process, but looks like he'll be the...

ESPN.com reports that City of Glendale has Approved Ice Edge and Reinsdorf Proposals


As the title says. ESPN.com is saying that the City of Glendale has accepted both proposals that the two groups put before them. So what does that mean? ESPN doesn't really say. In the article l...

David Shoalts, Terrible Journalist, Gets PUNKD by Ice Edge Joke


Five For Howling's favorite Toronto "Journalist" David Shoats once again shows why he's the "best" in the business with this gem of a story in today's globe and mail. (Screen shot just in case they...

Yesterday's Winnipeg Rumor Sequence of Events With Other Possible Scenarios


People who say the the Coyotes are moving with circumstantial evidence are dumb and annoying.

Ice Edge Releases Open Letter to Phoenix Coyotes Fans


Anthony LeBlanc of Ice Edge holdings gives a look at where IEH is in terms of closing the deal for the Phoenix Coyotes purchase and negotiations.

Ice Edge hoping to bring "Howlers" to Thunder Bay


Ice Edge Holdings, LLC partner Keith McCullough spoke to TBNewsWatch.com yesterday about the partnership's plans to bring AHL hockey to Thunder Bay, Ontario if the group successfully purchases the Phoenix Coyotes. The Coyotes' current affiliation with the San Antonio Rampage expires within the next two years and Ice Edge wants to purchase and relocate an existing AHL franchise to Thunder Bay. The fact that the move would create one of the most difficult commutes for prospect players who are called up or demoted (the distance of the trip is compounded by the necessity of passing through Toronto customs) doesn't seem to bother McCullough or his cronies. Personally, I think the real sticking point is the theoretical name of the new team - the Thunder Bay Howlers. Really? Considering that one of the definitions of "howler" is an extremely hilarious or ridiculous joke, Ice Edge may want to stay away from that name.

Daryl Jones, COO of Ice Edge on HNIC Radio


Talks a lot about the games in Saskatoon, about what the business model looks like and letting Dave Tippett and Don Maloney run the Hockey Ops side of things.

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