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Season Preview part 1: The season that was


The season's coming, and today we start giving fans a look ahead at the upcoming 2013-2014 season, starting with a look back at how we got here.

3 Questions with Devils blog "In Lou We Trust"


No one knows the Devils like John Fischer at In Lou We Trust. What does he have to say about the loss of Zach Parise and Larry Robinson, whether Clarkson is better than Kovalchuk, and what it means...

Season preview: Last season's process


Our four part preview of the 2013 season starts with a summarization / recap of the Tampa Bay Lightning's 2011-12 season..

Who's IN and OUT with the 2013 Bolts


A brief guide to the players that have come and gone since the last time the Tampa Bay Lightning took to the ice. Part two of Raw Charge's 2013 Lightning season preview.

2013 SE Division preview capsule

A refresher on who, where, and when as the new hockey season unfolds in a hurry. Because last April was a really long time ago.

Paul Ranger's comeback continues


Former Lightning defenseman Paul Ranger's comeback with the Toronto Marlies is bearing fruit.

Former Lightning goaltender Dwayne Rolson turned down coaching gig with Toronto Maple Leafs franchise


He might be turning 43 in a matter of days, but Dwayne Roloson still wants to play in the NHL.But the Toronto Maple Leafs wanted him to try his hand at coaching. A role that Roloson turned down. Roloson became an unrestricted free agent on July 1st. He's just as locked-out as any other NHL player, though.

2012 Tampa Bay Lightning Lined-Up Update (final update)


As we stare into the abyss of uncertainty, we c lose out the 2012 off-season with the final update to the Lined-Up Update, which was tracking some of the moves by the club this past summer. Not every move and signing is listed, but the majority of them are.

Summer fill: A conversation with Canucks blog Nucks Misconduct (part three)

Raw Charge continues it's conversation with Vancouver Canucks blog Nucks Misconduct, focusing on goaltending and the unsettled future of Roberto Luongo and COry Schneider.

Summer fill: A conversation with Vancouver Canucks blog Nucks Misconduct (part two)

Vancouver Canucks blog Nucks Misconduct fleshes out their response to a question about Sami Salo and touches on defenseman Jason Garrison's honeymoon period in Vancouver.

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