Coyotes hockey helps fan cope with wife's death


Sports can be many things. Some watch for enjoyment, some for pride. Others use sports as an escape or to heal. That is exactly the case for one Coyotes fan.

Olympic rewind featuring medalist Corey Hirsch


Looking back on his Olympic experience, Corey Hirsch, now goaltending coach of the St. Louis Blues, shares his thoughts.

Rundblad stays hopeful while awaiting opportunity


A closer look at David Rundblad's path to the Phoenix Coyotes and his play so far in the 2013-14 season.

Phoenix Coyotes Year in Review


A look back at 10 moments that defined Coyotes hockey in 2013.

Five For Howling articles of the year


A look back at some fun moments and articles from FFH in 2013.

Reviewing the Kyle Turris trade two years later


It's been two years since former third overall pick Kyle Turris was traded from the Coyotes to the Senators. A look back at the trade and who has benefited the most since.

Shane Doan: A true captain on and off the ice


The Coyotes captain is off to a strong offensive start to begin the 2013-14 season, but his actions off the ice are what set him apart.

Rob Klinkhammer: The definition of Coyotes hockey?


A scrap heap pickup that has become a key piece, Rob Klinkhammer fits the bill as the very definition of Phoenix Coyotes hockey.

Veteran Workhorse Thrives Under The Radar


A look at Coyotes forward Jeff Halpern and what makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Best and Worst Coyotes Jersey Designs of All Time


John van der Woude of Hockey by Design joins FFH to rank the Phoenix Coyotes' uniforms from worst to first!


Andy Miele: The Little Player That Could


Andy Miele's improbable journey to the NHL continued this season with his first career points.

Coyotes and Kings: Anatomy of a Rivalry


The Coyotes and the Kings have developed on of the NHL's hottest rivalries. This is a breakdown of how it's happened.

Mike Smith's Six Second Launch into NHL History


A six second journey into the record books.

Coyotes fans: putting money where their mouth is


New season, new owners and new fees. How are the fans reacting to the additional charges?

I want my, I want my, I want my Coy-o-tees


The Coyotes have branched out to KTVK Channel 3 to broadcast games, but will it be enough?

Mike Ribeiro and Managing Expectations


Taking a look at just what the Phoenix Coyotes should expect out of Mike Ribeiro in his first year with the club.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson: Super Swede to Superstar


Oliver Ekman-Larsson's journey from 6th overall pick to one of the best defensemen in the NHL.

The Five Best Draft Picks in Coyotes History


On Tuesday we took a look at some of the most underwhelming draft selections in the history of the franchise. Today we will fondly remember some of the best picks the team has ever made at the NHL...

NHL Draft Week: Top 5 Hidden Gems in Yotes History


Good players can be found outside of the first round. FFH counts down the top five players selected by the Phoenix Coyotes outside of the first round.

Radim Vrbata: An Elite Goal Scorer in Obscurity


Radim Vrbata has been one of the most prolific goal-scorers in the NHL over the last two seasons. One particular stat shows how great he has been, and its shocking to see who he has been better than.

Coyotes' Season of Unfulfilled Expectations


A review of the Phoenix Coyotes abbreviated 2012 - 2013 regular season. The team's season lasted only a tad over three months long and ended without a playoff berth.

Shane Doan vs. Keith Yandle for NHL14 Cover Vote


Two of the Phoenix Coyotes most popular players, Shane Doan & Keith Yandle, are facing off in the first round of EA Sports voting campaign for their NHL 14 game cover. The campaign last for over a...

Advanced Stats & The Phoenix Coyotes


A look at how advanced stats apply to the Phoenix Coyotes. This article will focus of PDO and various types of Corsi and how current Coyotes stack up in those metrics.

Nine Positives for Coyotes Nation with Realignment


The Phoenix Coyotes will begin play in a new 7 team division next season due to the NHL realigning the entire conference and division structure and playoff format. Nine reasons why their fans will...

Coyotes Attendance Sees Significant Growth


The Coyotes have seen their average ticket price go up to $40.32 (up 11.5% year over year) and average attendance up 23% year over year.

Picking Team USA One Year Out From Sochi


SB Nation sites made mock selections for 2014 U.S. Men's Olympic Hockey team one year before play begins in Sochi. Five for Howling's managing editor was among those who voted on who should make...

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