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Saturday's Coyotes Tracks - Nasty Surprise Edition

Last afternoon Coyotes fans got a nasty surprise out of the City of Glendale when they discovered the City had produced its own counter lease agreement. More on that and other stories in today's edition of the Tracks.

Why the RSE Agreement Isn't Dead Just Yet

RSE's rejection of the reverse out-clause proposal by the City of Glendale has justifiably sent the hopes of many Coyotes fans into the dustbin. But there still may be reason to think the deal is not dead yet.

What kind of player can the Coyotes draft at #12?

Earlier this week we looked at the Coyotes best and worst drafts as well as some of the hidden gems they've drafted. Today we look at the 12th overall pick in general over the past five years.

Friday's Coyotes Tracks - Ownership Deadline Set

July 2nd is the day the NHL wants the lease with RSE to be agreed to. NHL commish Gary Bettman said he can not see the Yotes playing in Glendale next season if the City Council votes down the agreement.

Breaking Down the Arena Lease Agreement

Today the City of Glendale finally published the arena lease agreement of Arena with Renaissance Sports & Entertainment to be voted on this coming Tuesday. So what's in it?

The Five Best Draft Picks in Coyotes History

On Tuesday we took a look at some of the most underwhelming draft selections in the history of the franchise. Today we will fondly remember some of the best picks the team has ever made at the NHL Entry Draft.

Thursday's Coyotes Tracks - Deal Rises From Ashes

Yesterday was a heart-stopping day for Coyotes fans, as it became known that the deal had been pulled late Tuesday night, only to be revived earlier the next morning. More on the lunacy in today's edition of the Tracks.

NHL Draft Week: Top 5 Hidden Gems in Yotes History

Good players can be found outside of the first round. FFH counts down the top five players selected by the Phoenix Coyotes outside of the first round.

Wednesday's Coyotes Tracks - Off-season Begins

No more hockey until September but the 2013 NHL Entry Draft is Sunday and free agency follows a few days later.

NHL's "Plan D" for the Phoenix Coyotes

By now you've all heard about Seattle being "plan B" for the NHL, and Quebec City is likely "plan C", but let's take a look at some little known plans for NHL's "Plan D".

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