Glendale First: Referendum Signatures Deemed Invalid, Phoenix Coyotes Sale Approval Imminent

Christian Petersen

In a stunning turn of events, (not really if you've been following this saga for a while) Ken Jones has yet again failed to properly follow instructions and prepare his paperwork. The team over at Glendale First discovered the errors on the signature collection sheets and put out a press release on the matter this morning.

In long-time Arena lease agreement opponent Ken Jones's third attempt to refer the arena management deal with IceArizona approved by the Glendale City Council, Mr. Jones appears to have repeated some of the same mistakes he made the first time around. He failed to update the committee name on his petition sheets to reflect the name of his new committee. Instead he opted to save a trip to Kinko's and used old sheets from his previous attempt:

GlendaleFirst! has completed its in-depth investigation of the Petition for Referendum R-13-01 and concludes that while the required 6956 signatures are not due (according to the Glendale City Clerk) until later this week, all signatures collected thus far are invalid. The petition paperwork the political committee "Ken Jones", chaired by Mr. Ken Jones (also acting as Treasurer) filed with the City of Glendale is invalid due to a significant error with the committee filing.

The most egregious error with Mr. Jones’ committee registration is the committee name ("Ken Jones") has not been modified to reflect either the Referendum serial number or the position the committee has on the referendum. This is in direct violation of Arizona election law ARS 16-902.01(D), which directs the committee name must be modified before circulating petitions. Mr. Jones should have modified his committee to "Ken Jones in support of R-13-01", or something to that effect, before circulating a single petition sheet. He did not, so any signatures gathered under the current committee are invalid according to Arizona State law.

Glendale First! therefore concludes that, because of the above flaw in the documentation and registration of Petition for Referendum R-13-01, all signatures in support of the petition for referendum would be rejected outright upon discovery of the fatal flaw. Should Mr. Jones correct his committee registration, he would then be faced with the task of circulating correctly formatted petitions to gather the required 6956 valid signatures in less than a week.

So basically Ken has a week to fix this, then collect 7000 valid signatures in 5 days; a tall order considering Prop457 collected its 4000+ signatures in about 25 days, using paid circulators.

You can read the whole press release here.

In related news, Craig Morgan from Fox Sports Arizona, tweeted that we should hear something this week about the sale approval from the BOG.

Stay tuned Coyotes fans, this should be a fun week.

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