Referendum process for Glendale


Pictured above - the Goldwater Institute

Most Coyotes fans do not follow Twitter on an hourly basis for updates on the Glendale and Goldwater process. If you do go on Twitter, do not read anything on #Coyotes. It's full of Canadian trolls who make up crazy stuff just to get new followers. Some of them may actually have serious brain damage/emotional problems. Case in point, Seriously, check that dude out and read some of his tweets. Yikes.

If you do go on Twitter, don't believe anything that doesn't come from @LisaHalverstadt.

It's a little crazy that all of this legal drama has so much effect on the games and players that we love to watch out in Glendale. However, even if the judge strikes down the Goldwater Lawsuit tomorrow, this nightmare still isn't completely over.

The City of Glendale has acknowledged that they did not get enough votes to pass their arena management deal as an emergency vote. What that means is that the citizens of Glendale have 30 days from the vote to put together a referendum overturning their decision. The voting took place on June 8, meaning the referendum needs to be completed by July 8. That leaves the opponents of the measure 20 days to collect the required signatures and raise support to pass the referendum.

Some of the specifics on what this will require from opponents of the deal - they must create a petition and gather no less than 5% of the registered voters in Glendale. As of earlier in 2012, Glendale had 106,725 registered voters (source). Based on that number, it would take 5,336 signatures in order to actually bring the matter to a referendum. Once the referendum goes to an actual vote, it will take 50% of the vote to win the challenge.

It's pretty obvious that even if they lose their case tomorrow, the Goldwater Institute is going to pour as much into this effort as possible. Whether they can be successful is not sure, but I would really like to see if there is a third party that supporters of the lease agreement can use to gather support and get out the vote. Does anybody know about anything like this?

If you or anybody you know live in Glendale and support the Coyotes, it might not be a bad idea to let them know that a vote might be coming. It would be a tragedy if this all happened and none of the fans knew to go out.

We've got to be just as active and vocal about supporting the management lease agreement as our opponents. We know that it's the only way for Glendale to save that part of town. If they don't pay it to Jamieson, they'll pay a comparable fee to somebody else without any anchor tenants and we won't have a team. Let's not get burned out and rest just yet. We've all known it won't be over until there's ink on the paper. Until then, we're in the right and we just need to do our best to stifle the lies that are out there.

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