Potential Greg Jamison sighting at Coyotes game - Glendale City Council may vote on money soon

Hey everybody, so I was out at the Yotes game at the Job tonight. Big night for Smitty. Wasn't a sellout, but you had to love the crowd chanting "Smitty!" in the last minute through the 3 stars presentation.

Went to the Shout! house afterwards for a drink and then headed out to my car. As I was walking, I saw an old guy with white hair who looked vaguely familiar. He was wearing a numberless, nameless, brand new Coyotes jersey. I could tell it was "new" because it had the "Reebok" written on the back collar and left sleeve, a design change made just this year. I thought the dude looked a lot like Greg Jamison, and when I looked at Google images of the guy and did a few comparisons, I am about 95% sure it was him. He was with a younger guy wearing a Blackhawks jersey (probably a grandson or nephew) and another older gentleman. The older guy looked wealthy (long white, well-maintained white hair, designer clothes, etc.).

What really convinced me that it was Jamison was the fact that they were talking about an upcoming vote (within just a few days) by the Glendale city council about putting up more money for the Coyotes. From my estimation, the wealthy looking guy was a potential investor for his group. After quickly talking about this meeting, the wealthy man said that he had never been to a game before and sounded as if he had a good time. Then they began speaking about the potential pool of buyers that are out there waiting to move the team.

As they walked away, I heard one of the guys say to the other, "Good luck with the City council meeting!" I really wish that I could follow the "pics or it didn't happen" rule, but I figured you would all want to know about this regardless.

Now, I could be a paranoid fan, but I have read just about every news article that has been published about the Coyotes since last summer and I know nothing about this meeting. Has anybody else heard about it? Also, is it possible that they could be holding a secret meeting to discuss this? How was it done last summer?

I for one still hold onto all hope that our team will be here next year and into the future. Please let me know what you think of this or if there is any supplemental info or if you think I'm a crazy paranoid loon.

Thanks for being such a fun community of fans, I really appreciate every one of you!

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