Thursday's Coyotes Tracks - The Podium Steals The Show

Bruce Bennett

The players and owners met again on Wednesday after the NHL Board of Governor's meeting. The discussions dragged on into Thursday morning. The two sides are expected to meet again on Thursday afternoon. The biggest story of the night surrounding the labor talks was about an inanimate object. Details in today's links.

Coyotes News

Ice hockey: Paul Bissonnette is staying with Cardiff Devils - Ice Hockey - Sports - WalesOnline
Until the lockout ends at least.

Lockout News

Both sides look committed to making deal - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Pierre Lebrun says the owners have upped the amount of "Make Whole" money in their proposal.

NHL and players' union exchange 'proposals,' sources say - ESPN
The sides remain relatively quiet in terms of details about how the talks are going.

NHL Lockout 2012: Time, finally, becomes a factor - SB Nation DC
The slow moving labor talks have finally heated up. Ted Starkey explains why.

NHL lockout: How could a CBA agreement impact the World Juniors? -
Two words - Talent drain.

The staff, professional trolls -
Wishful thinking by someone who like the rest of us wants this nonsense over.

Glendale arena employees pay price amid NHL player-owner standoff - AZCentral
A look at the effects of the lockout businesses and one part-time Coyotes employee.

The NHL Podium

The best NHL podium photos of the 2012 NHL lockout -
This is what happens when journalists have access to social media and nothing to report.

NHL lockout: Tension, boredom lead to NHL podium Twitter account - NHL - Sporting News
This is also what happens when we're all bored.

Sundogs News

Dog Caller - Three-in-Three on the Road a Tough Haul for Sundogs - Five For Howling
Hopefully thing will improve with home games on Friday & Saturday.

12/05/2012 - Meet the Arizona Sundogs Video - NHL VideoCenter - Phoenix Coyotes
Dave Vest introduces Prescott Valley's hockey franchise.

News From Around the Hockey World

Arizona hockey hosts in-state rival to close out semester - Arizona Daily Wildcat
Jacks vs. Cats this weekend in Tucson.

20 years ago today Rob Brown was on the wrong end of a pretty heavy punch - Backhand Shelf
The event which inspired hockey comedy writer Sean McIndoe's nom de plume.

The Final Howl

NHL Lockout Boredom: History Will Be Made - NHL Podium - Five For Howling

SB Nation Featured Video
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