Saturday's Coyotes Tracks - Lease Agreement is Signed

Marianne Helm

Christmas came a little early for Coyotes fans, as Glendale Councilmember Joyce Clark announced that the City of Glendale signed the Arena management agreement with Greg Jamison's Hockey Partners LLC yesterday. We have reaction from across the hockey world to this news, plus reaction from the NHLPA's disclaimer of interest vote, and a little holiday poem to dampen your hockey spirits a bit.

Coyotes News

City of Glendale Signs Arena Management Agreement With Hockey Partners LLC - Five For Howling
The City of Glendale has signed the lease agreement with Greg Jamison's Hockey Partners group. Where does that put the progress on selling the team to Mr. Jamison? We provide our take here.

Jamison to sign Coyotes lease, has until Jan. 31 to close on purchase | ProHockeyTalk
The end is in sight.

Coyotes Lease SIGNED, SEALED, now need it DELIVERED - Howlin' Hockey - A Phoenix Coyotes Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
Troy Baker notes that this news came on the same day the Mayans said the world would end. Coincidence?

Doan’s losing some pride in saying he’s an NHL player | ProHockeyTalk
But he's still optimistic.

Lockout News

NHL lockout 2012: NHLPA 'overwhelmingly' votes in favor of disclaimer of interest -
Surprised? Neither are we.

NHLPA authorizes board to file disclaimer of interest -
Helene Elliott points out this is the same strategy the NBA players union used in their lockout.

Will NHLPA go through with disclaimer? - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
That's the million-dollar question.

Christie says NHL lockout is bad for Newark, blames league for lack of contract -
Governor Christie placed the blame for the continued cancellation of National Hockey League games on league leadership and said the lockout is taking a toll on the state’s largest city.

Gladiators News

Grubauer stumps Glads in 4-2 loss | AccessNorthGa
Gwinnett lost to Reading last night, falling to 2nd in the ECHL's Eastern Conference.

Sundogs News

Official Website of The Arizona Sundogs: Sundogs Edge Out Cutthroats in Shootout
The boys up in Prescott Valley got a badly needed win last night.

Manchester Phoenix News

Manchester Phoenix 5 Sheffield Steeldogs 3 - News - Manchester Phoenix
Manchester Phoenix got their extensive Christmas schedule off to a great start with a hard worked win over rivals Sheffield Steeldogs.

News From Around the Hockey World

Winnipeg's race problem with Evander Kane - Arctic Ice Hockey
You'd think given the coverage he's received in the city over the past couple of days that Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane committed one of the most heinous acts in the history of mankind.

One Year Later: Looking Back on the Hiring of Darryl Sutter - Jewels From The Crown
The hiring of Darryl Sutter was announced at a press conference exactly one year ago. Coyotes fans would like to pretend this never happened.

Puck Daddy’s 10 NHL Twitter moments of 2012 | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
There were some particularly great moments in the Twitterverse this year.

Oilers' first-year pro Justin Schultz a quick study -
The rookie defenseman has seemingly gotten over his ugly divorce with the Anaheim Ducks in spectacular fashion.

The Final Howl

Gary Bettman, Commissioner of Christmas: A Puck Daddy original holiday poem | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

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