Thursday's Coyotes Tracks - The Labor Dance Drags On

Bruce Bennett

The NHL and NHLPA met separately with Federal mediators yesterday. Nothing changed. It appears both sides are waiting for the other to blink. Meanwhile, fan frustration continues to mount. We've got links on the lockout, the Sundogs losing another one, and a tear jerker in the Final Howl.

Coyotes News

Hockey Canada Honors King - Phoenix Coyotes
Coyotes Development Coach Dave King will be honored in the second class of Distinguished Honorees of the Order of Hockey Canada next year.

Lockout News

Mediated NHL talks end without progress - USA Today
Shane Doan was among the players who attended the mediation session.

Bill Daly on Wednesday's negotiations - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
The owner's and player's sides never met in the same room on Wednesday.

Sides in NHL dispute need to push things to the brink - CBC Sports
Elliote Friedman busts out a Pulp Fiction reference in this rant.

Mirtle: NHL’s new CBA likely to target existing long-term deals - The Globe and Mail
Mirtle on the long term deal issue.

NHL Lockout: How It Hurts NBC (Analysis) - The Hollywood Reporter
Damaging the brand.

European hockey teams bracing for NHL lockout to end within next week, according to agent | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
An agent in the United Kingdom claims some NHL agents are saying the NHL season will start in January.

ESPN's John Skipper Tops SBJ's List Of Most Influential Execs In Sports Business - SportsBusiness Journal
Four names in the news due to the NHL lockout make this list.

A Fan’s Rebuke: A "Loyal Legionnaire" Finally Had Enough - The Predatorial
Another fan in Nashville dumps their season tickets.

Gladiators News

Jakaitis signed by Gladiators' division rival - Gwinnett Daily Post
It didn't take long for the former Glad to get scooped up.

Sundogs News

Sundogs suffer 5th straight loss with OT shootout - The Prescott Daily Courier - Prescott, Arizona
The Sundogs and the Americans engaged in another one of their slugfests.

News From Around the Hockey World

Think Gary Bettman's bad? Just remember Gil Stein -
For many reasons, NHL fans can't stand Gary Bettman. Incredibly, his immediate predecessor was worse.

Blackhawks' Patrick Kane in Switzerland During NHL Lockout: Trapped in the Neutral Zone -
Probably best if I let the article speak for itself.

The Final Howl

The Winnipeg Jets killed my father - Arctic Ice Hockey
A story about family bonds and hockey. You will want tissues nearby.

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