Coyotes Development Camp 2011 - Day 2

Coyotes Director of Player Development Sean Burke and forward prospect Alexander Ruuttu share a word during Day 2 of the Phoenix Coyotes 2011 Development Camp. (photo courtesy of Yotesgurl)

The Phoenix Coyotes young prospects were back on the ice in Peoria in Friday.  Day two of camp was a higher tempo affair.  The higher tempo of day two seemed to energize the players and even the crowd in attendance, especially once the the scrimmage began.

The scrimmage started as 4 on 4 and became 3 on 3 towards the end.  Not surprisingly, it got a bit crazy once there were only six skaters on the ice. The on-ice part of Development Camp continues Sunday, the final day of camp, at 10am.  Th practice will once again be held at the Polar Ice in Peoria.  Now, on to my observations from today and a brief audio clip at the end.

Player Notes (not all players who were on the ice are mentioned and keep in mind this was only one practice) -

Mark Visentin - GMDM stated to fans in the stands that he "tweaked his groin" on day 1 and he would be held out the rest of camp as a precautionary measure.

Louis Domingue -  He struggled on the glove side today, especially high.  However, unlike yesterday he didn't appear to get down on himself after getting scored on.  He seemed to get better the longer the scrimmage went.

Jacob Deserres - Almost a complete 180 from Day 1.  I thought he was the better of the two goalies on Day 2.  His rebound control and lateral movement appeared to be much better.  His body movements, his all exuded a confident goalie.  On a number of occasions he displayed excellent patience by not going down too quickly with forwards coming in close.  Given his history, it shouldn't be a surprise the guy bounced back after a not so great day.

Kale Kessy -  The only player I'd single out as not having a great practice.  He struggled to adjust to the speed of play.  He had two bad turnovers during the scrimmage.

Mathieu Brodeur -  Looked like the vet he is today.  Had a goal in the scrimmage.

Spencer Bennett - Again showed off his stick skills today.  Even with his size he wasn't the most physical behind the net on a couple of occasions.

Maxim Goncharov - Showed off his puck handling skills in the offensive zone, but otherwise fairly unremarkable.

Andy Miele - He's nothing if not fun to watch on the ice.  He's a bundle of energy and always seems to be involved in the play.  Made an excellentpass to Mathieu Brodeur on Brodeur's goal.

Ethan Werek - Was able to show his physical presence a bit during the scrimmage portion.

Justin Weller - I didn't notice him much yesterday.  However, today I noticed him plenty. His positioning on odd man break drills and in the scrimmage looked good upon first glance.

Phil Lane -  Another guy I didn't notice much on Day 1 .  Today I noticed his puck handling skills on several occasions.

Colin Long -  After being stuck with the defensemen on the first day of Camp, Long was back at his natural position today.  Scored a pretty goal top shelf and the puck seemed to find him often.

Brandon Gormley -  His first day on the ice and it showed a bit.  He looked a step slow at times.  He stated after practice that his equipment had been mistakenly sent on a flight to Mexico yesterday.  Thus why he didn't practice on Thursday.

Alexander Ruuttu - He may not jump out and grab you, but when you look close you see a kid that could develop into a really nice defensive forward.

Audio Clip

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