The Conference Finals are set now.

The Conference Finals are set now.
Boston-Tampa (sorry MDO)

Last time Boston got this far, Ray Bourque was still on the team and they played a squad led by some guy named Mario Lemiuex. Both of the times the Penguins won the SC, they beat out Boston in the Conference Final ('91 and '92). Which was about when MDO was born, ironically. I guess I am rooting for the Bruins in the East. Have a few relatives that are Bruins fans, well they WERE Whalers fans....

Brass Bonanza (sorry, had to)

The last time the Canucks were this far, they ended up losing the 1994 SC Finals to the NY Rangers.

The Sharks lost the Conference Finals in both of their previous appearances (I had thought it was only one previous appearance, for some reason). San Jose lost the Conference Finals last year to the eventual SC Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Their only other appearance was in 2004, against the Calgary Flames, who would lose to the Lightening in that years' SC Finals. That was the only time the Lightening have gotten this far.

Both of the Western Conference teams have never won the Stanley Cup. Unlike last year, I think the East might have a shot at it this year.

There is an interesting article over on Matchsticks and Gasoline by Mitch Smith tieing in cities that have hosted the Winter Olympics to the next years' SC Champions. 


The city / town that hosts the Winter Olympics has always won the Stanley Cup the next year, provided they have an NHL team in the same state or province. Lets look at the evidence. 

Winter Olympics = Stanley Cup (History already made?) 

I think in order for us to continue that trend, we would have to host the Summer Olympics. That said, Flagstaff is certainly cold enough...

To play Devil's Advocate, it would be kind of cool to win th SC here if Winnipeg hosts the Winter Games....

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