The GWI/COG/Hulsizer meeting: My take on it

Well, I just listened to the 1hr 46min meeting between GWI and COG/Hulsizer. And read the GWI documents. I will bulletize my thoughts. You may not agree with me but this is the way I interpreted the meeting.
1. Delicious cupcakes brought by GWI. Big shoutout from Olsen on who made them.
2. Hulsizer didn't bail out too early on the meeting. He was there for 1hr17min. Think he had to catch a plane.
3. Hulsizer (although the questions were, as said by GWI, directed to COG) addressed all the ones he could, which was most of them. COG answered same questions later.
4. Hulsizer was direct and gave honest answers to all their questions and even explained parts of the deal that even I could understand. Easily. Major win for Matt, in my eyes.
5. As someone who also listened to this prior to me said, after the "7 questions" were asked, GWI was most concerned (read: a bit angry)  and spoke most about, the documents relating to the sale being released. Or in their eyes, a lack thereof or not in an expedient manner for them.
6. The COG city attorney (Tindall?) explained that GWI has brought a few lawsuits against COG for slowness of releasing of documents, that is still on going. He repeatedly told them to discuss their questions/issues to the judges presiding over said lawsuits. This made them mad.
7. Tindall really doesn't like GWI. "Talk to the judge"
8. Mayor Scruggs remained mostly civil throughout the meeting. Darcy Olsen, was not. She really got adamant about the documents and that Tindall's email about "playing" Carrie Ann  was disrespectful. Also sounded concerned that COG was going to sue them back.
9. Mayor Scruggs knocked down the whole notion of the Tonoho nation helping in the sale of the Coyotes. And she explained it well. I had no idea what the beef was with COG/Tonoho until she explained it. Even the other tribes want to sue Tonoho. With good cause.
10. The mayor isn't too pleased with reporter Rebekah Sanders.
11. The meeting ended with pleasantries. Tindall swiped another cupcake (kidding).

So what are my thoughts?
1. That Matt Hulsizer really wants to buy the team, GWI be damned.
2. Although they have only met once before, Darcy Olsen doesn't like Mayor Scruggs. And the mayor called her out on it. That was great.
3. Tindall really hates GWI.
4. COG has a lot of problems to deal with, just not the Coyotes. However, they want them to stay. Badly.
5. Of the 7 solutions proposed by GWI, two are ok and doable. The other five were shot done or explained why they can't happen, well. Especially about the minor league team being at Jobbing.
6. And Darcy Olsen should conduct a business meeting as woman and not as a schoolgirl.

GWI was rehashing issues previously addressed with COG/Hulsizer because they didn't like the answer they got the first time.

COG/Hulsizer win hands down.

Now, does anybody want some cupcakes?

Go Coyotes!

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