This came up in a GDT a few games back, and I keep getting caught up at work and unable to post. But now that I have time I figured I'd put something up, maybe stimulate a bit of chatter and a bit of a distraction from all the owners**t situation.


Soooo with that in mind, what are your superstitions/rituals/habits? Both in sports, support or everyday life?


I'll throw mine in after the jump.

Timmy Hate's Superstitions

Sport - general:

  • I always like to be one of the first people to the venue, often up to an hour ahead of when I need to be there. I like to sit and clear my mind a bit to really focus on the game
  • I like to have some semblance of uniform among the team I'm on.
  • For numbers I like to be number 13 or 12. The reason is that when I played Under 14's in line hockey, one of my teammates passed away from a major asthma attack. I wore 12 all through school as this was his age when he passed, then switched to 13 (my age when he passed). I started Ice Hockey as 12 was already taken.
  • I like to always have at least a litre bottle of water, if not a litre bottle and a bottle of Gatorade or similar.
  • I always chew Spearmint gum before sports. Always.

Sport - Ice Hockey

  • Stick
    • Always freshly taped for games. Doesn't matter if the tape is in perfect condition. An expensive superstition. (Training and scrimmages are less required for fresh tape)
    • Always white when possible. At the moment I've got a whole bunch of rolls of black tape to use up but I'm going to try and trade someone for some white.
    • The Grip on my stick is always blue stretch grip, with Maroon stick tape top and bottom.
    • Around the lower part of the shaft I have a double strip of Maroon stick tape with my number on either side and (now) my wife's initials on the back.
  • Skates
    • For a long time I went with Black laces, but at the moment I'm using the White ones that came with my new skates.
    • 5/8" sharpen. Always. No exception.
    • I like my skates tight, evenly the whole foot, and every eyelet done up.
  • Socks
    • One single strip of (clear only) sock tape under the Knee to keep the pads in place.
    • Socks pulled up so there is no slack at the bottom, and so that my tape is on the top of the stripes
  • Jersey
    • No tuck!
    • Sleeves pulled up to almost the elbow
  • Head
    • Before games, my wife will braid my hair into a thin braid.
    • Always my Lamb Of God bandanna under my helmet.

Most of my superstitions can be seen in this photo - couple of things are different (the black stick tape cause I gotta use it up, and the red and black stripes on the bottom of the stick were for Christchurch as this was a fundraiser game)

Hockey - Coyotes

  • Every game day at least one bit of Coyotes Merch on me (not normally a problem, to and from work I wear my Coyotes Jersey or my Hoodie, weekends I wear one of my Coyotes Hat)
  • GDT superstition: PUPPIES!

Wow...the more I write these out the more i feel like a weirdo. Anyone else help me out here?

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