This whole thing is all rather fustrating


Well I've finally decided to post. I'm slightly curious to see any responses that this receives, because I don't even know which direction it will head.

Frankly after reading every possible article that can be read about this whole situation, after seeing every possible post from the most extreme point of views, as well as the most tamed, I've begun to be grow increasingly annoyed with the whole situation. Call me obssessive compulsive disorder, but once I get something in my brain I research the cuss of out it. New movie I like... research... movie star....research....It never ends. You can't even being to imagine the insanity this whole thing has brought on me.

One thing that is made me the most annoyed is the completely back handed comments that people are making to eachother. I've begun reading fan posts on top of the regular posts and while the idiosy of some of the Canadians shines through and gives innocents in this situation, like myself, a really bad name. The we have people from arizona who, once again, give innocents, like the main posters.. a bad name. Luckily I understand that there are only a few cuss holes in this world that I will stoop down to their level, all of them being people I see on a regular basis.

I would like to state a few things both about myself, and about the city I live in.

I'm a 22 year old female in the most (progressive) mennonite area of the city. I understand mennonites inthe states are very different from mennonites in the states, so if you don't understand what I mean by that, please just keep your mouth shut, ignorant comments just make you look more dumb. Anyways. I started playing hockey in grade 5 and played for 5 years and finished on a high note when we won the city finals. I miss hockey with every fiber of my being, and play it whenever it is humanly possible.  My dad often tells me that Bobby Orr was my first I believe him? Not so sure...But that's my family for you... that's how we were brought up. I don't drink unless it's special occasion, and if I do drink it's deffinitely not beer.. so please don't stereo type me. I am not fat....I'm not tiny, but i'm deffinitely not fat.. so please don't stereo type me.

Now about my city. I love my city. It may be freaking freezing during the winter, but that just means that the out door rinks are good and ready for my chance to play. I plan on living on this city for my entire life. Although I want to see the world and travel. This will be my home.. where I want to raise kids... this city is not a cuss hole, as so many of you wonderful people said on another outrageous fanpost.

This post has gone the complete opposite way from which I was hoping.

Basically what I wanted to say was, I never blamed the coyotes for the jets leaving. I would be pumped if we got that chance to cheer for a nhl team.. ( i haven't been to an nhl team since I was 4 years old) I don't think the coyotes  are a failed "desert experience". And most people from Winnipeg are the same as me. We just love hockey. I'm perfectly content cheering for any team we have. Heck, I love going the the local rink and watching minor hockey. It's the sport I love. Will I be pumped on a team back here in Winnipeg? Absolutely.. Will I cry in my soup if we don't get one? Absolutely not. I will still cheer. I will still watch, and I will still love hockey..

Can't we all agree on atleast that?

In the end. I hope this ends too. I'd like a little bit of my sanity back, I want to get back to what I normally do.. chasing men, working out and enjoying life...

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