Come on Goldwater, fess up: It's about enriching you, not protecting taxpayers

I've thought about this long-and-hard before chiming in from a practical and political standpoint. I think it is a fair political observation amongst one of the many that permeate both the US and Canada. And that position is the effort being undertaken to assure the Phoenix Coyotes depart Glendale is about the Nov. 2010 elections in the US. It has absolutely nothing to do with Glendale, county, or state taxpayers. To claim it is, is laughable.

Thanks to the brilliant political acumen of groups like Americans for Tax Reform (Grover Norquist), Freedom Works (headed by former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey), and the Cato Institute (backed by the billionaire oil tycoons, the Koch Brothers), lower- and middle-class Americans were convinced these organizations represented their local, state and national interests. And the Tea Party is born!

Balanced budgets; deep budget cuts; tax cuts for the job creators; and the defeat of the communist/socialist/fascist regime (oxymoron, but suspend disbelief) that had seized the US government and was looking to adopt Sharia law, Islam as the National religion, and open US borders to all who want to emigrate to this country, must be destroyed. Otherwise, it will destroy us and our way of life.

Enter the Goldwater Institute. A conservative "think-tank" in the 16th most populous state in the US with a budget of <$5M, standing on the sidelines and observing a significant change in the political landscape. Will it be a long-term change?

Like any politically-motivated group, who the fuck cares? How do we maximize the current political climate to our benefit? Do we go after a municipality in our state? Reach out to local Tea Party members to join us? Act surprised when Grover's group endorses our effort?

Of course the answer is yes. That's where the money is. And if in 2 or 4 years the political winds have changed, so what? CEO Darcy Olsen has already told us if the Glendale taxpayers ultimately suffer, oh well. Not our problem.

Goldwater likes to talk about being a watchdog for the taxpayers, but the Institute appears to be simply political opportunists. The results of its actions are irrelevant, if you believe its CEO.. It's all about "how much can we raise now?", and "how do we re-position ourselves to raise even more in case the political landscape changes in the years to come?" Like any political organization, must think ahead. Never know what can change. If you don't adapt, your contributions could flow elsewhere.

So, please, if your desire is to see an NHL team return to Winnipeg, argue for that. On its merits. But don't embrace Goldwater as your friend or comrade-in-arms. It cares nothing about you, me, our families, our communities or our countries...unless contributions are involved. And even then, only until the next election cycle.

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