Should the Coyotes trade Kyle Turris? Some pros and cons

At the start of the Coyotes’ season there was one story that wasn’t the main story but it always seemed to be on the back burner, the Kyle Turris hold out and whether the Coyotes would trade him away. Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney repeatedly said that he would not trade the 22 year old Center. As the deadline grew closer fans watched in anticipation wondering who was going to blink first. On November 22, 2011 GM Don Maloney announced that Turris had been resigned to a 2 year, $2.8 million contract. Fairly soon after the Coyotes announced the deal the discussion switched to the benefits of trading Kyle Turris, something that may have confused some fans, including me at first. Here are some of the pros and cons of trading Turris this season.


  • Turris holding out showed that he doesn’t want to be in Phoenix, his agent even told ESPN that they were looking for “the opportunity to move forward in his career by having a fresh start." A trade may get someone who wants to be in Phoenix
  • To be honest, the Coyotes played their first 23 games without Turris and their record was impressive, proving that they may not need Turris
  • A trade could hopefully get the team a player with a good Power Play record this season, Turris has skated on the Power Play line but Phoenix continues to come up short on the Power Plays
  • Turris has had some unimpressive games, including his stats from the Nashville game where he had 0 shots and went 1-5 on faceoffs
  • In his four games where he averaged around 11:30 on ice he has yet to get a goal, or assist
  • With the recent coach firings it’s obvious that some teams are looking to shake up their teams, they may consider Turris to be a piece of their team and they may be willing to make a trade that will favor the Coyotes
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  • Other teams may be wary to pick up a player who held out the way that Turris did, as such it may make trading Turris this season difficult
  • Other teams may value Turris less because he missed part of the season, which may mean the trade will be less beneficial then a trade later in the season
  • Turris has had some impressive games, especially in his first game against Winnipeg where he had 4 shots on goal, the most on the team, and went 6-0 on faceoffs
  • Turris has a history on the team and has chemistry with the players that a trade may not have.
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Overall the decision whether or not to trade Kyle Turris will be left to people who work for the teams who know a lot more than I do, and are paid a lot more than me. Those people are also probably not going to read this, although it’s not like I’m saying anything that they probably do not already know. Overall I would say that Turris is a talented young player who has the potential to be a great player one day, either with the Coyotes or with another team¸ but I honestly doubt he will be with Phoenix long term.

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