An Honest Look

"That one didn't miss by much".  I love the Coyote announcers.  They're some of the best in the league.  What seems to be coming to pass though is that Straders familiar refrain is becoming the mantra for Coyotes play.

Last nights game was owned by a bunch of kids with nothing to lose.  Tyler Hall is going to be a great player but anything he lacks now, he makes up for with raw enthusiasm.  The length of time the Oilers spent in the Coyote zone can't be attributed solely to bad/good breaks.  There was hustle on the part of one team and sloppy play on the part of another.  Guess which one?


When the Coyotes got ahead by two goals, they put the car in Coast and played "not to lose" the rest of the way.

It would be wrong to brand everyone with the same logo but there are some folks who don't play consistently.  Missing Fiddler is a big deal.  This guy is the King of the Muckers. His play in the corners is really missed. Likewise I see Pyatt's big shoulders muscling into every chance he gets to control pucks and keep them in the attack zone.

What I don't see is contribution from a number of players and the darlings of the media get first notice.  Kyle Turris can shoot the puck when its given to him.  Other than that I am puzzled by the adulation I hear for the guy.  He spends most of the time wandering around looking for a place to sit down.  Seven goals?  Not really a breakout year. No puck support, no checking (he bounces off real players) and play slaps when there is a scrum. 

I'm disappointed in Aucoin this year as well.  He isn't scoring and I don't see the hustle to pinch when the situation calls for it.

We'll be at the trade deadline soon.  If the Coyotes want to make a run at the playoffs, they need to change their ways.  We have a new owner (still a maybe I know) but perhaps its time to throw down and see if some of the players who aren't trying would like to be helped along to the next spot in their careers.  Losses to bottom level teams don't help our chances.

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