Coyote Tracks - Thursday June 17 Edition

Former Coyote Nick Boynton will get to celebrate his day with the Stanley Cup this summer... (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Fairly sparse news day, no diatribe about rules changes...let's just be short and to the point today (i.e., it's late and I want to get some sleep before the early World Cup match - seriously, the World Cup is screwing up my sleep schedule).

Phoenix Coyotes bidder Ice Edge Holdings meets with NHL
Ice Edge says meeting was ''productive,'' but the group has not secured proof of financing yet although all signs indicate that they will meet their exclusivity deadline of Friday.  Hopefully @IceEdgeDJ will give us a heads up when this happens, but if not, we'll report it as soon as we hear anything.

Phoenix Coyotes' Scottie Upshall excited about new season
The high-energy forward is back into full workouts after knee surgery and will be back on the ice soon.  Very good news, particularly following his well-deserved raise.

Boynton will bring the Stanley Cup home | | King Township Sentinel
A nice article about former Coyote Nick Boynton who went from Anaheim cast-off to Stanley Cup champion this year!  Great job Nick!

After the jump, irresponsible mainstream journalism (that doesn't come from the G&M or WFP!), the SB Nation mock draft begins, Islanders make a play for increasing revenues (Ice Edge should take note), and more...

When Irresponsible Media Gives Credence to Inane Rumors - SB Nation New York
Steve Lepore, whose independent site Puck The Media is a must read, talks about the dangers when the MSM takes articles from Hockeybuzz seriously...exhibit #352 why we don't link their stuff...

SB Nation's 2010 NHL Mock Draft: With The First Pick, Edmonton Selects Taylor Hall (Or Do They?) -
SB Nation and our 30 NHL team bloggers will kick off our annual NHL mock draft today. The Edmonton Oilers are on the clock.

SUBLEASE, CONCERTS DEAL = BIG MONEY FOR NYIOne customer bought $1 million in season tickets ·
This is an interesting idea and one thatwe've heard talked about with the Coyotes' future owners needing to make extra really only makes sense, and hopefully Ice Edge can parlay into some excess $$$$

Top 10 NHL Annoyances | Pro Sports Blogging
Some things that I definitely agree with here, although mostly it's things I've just learned to deal with...but an interesting list.

Expect a drastically different Pacific division next season - ProHockeyTalk - Hockey - NBC Sports
Certainly it seems that no league has greater year-over-year turnover than the NHL...I expect this year to be no different, particularly in the Pacific...

The NHL's top 50 unrestricted free agents - NHL - Yahoo! Sports
And particularly when you see just how many of these players are either from the Pacific, or likely heading there...

Natural Hat Trick Productions: Speaking of The Stanley Cup Playoffs and More. . .
Finally, a Rangers fan gives a short recap of the playoffs with a bit of love to the Coyotes!

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