Coyote Tracks - Bitter Winnipeg Tears Wednesday May 12 Edition

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly addresses the Glendale City Council during its open meeting on November 11, 2010 (photo courtesy of @jordanellel)

Look.  I really, really, really, really, really hope that Winnipeg gets an NHL team back some day.  I do.  I want Quebec City to get a team back, and Hartford to for good measure.  I'm a fan of all of these franchises.  They represent great moments in the NHL's history and have all left fanbases that long for the return of the NHL to their fair cities.  After watching the flooding of the message boards by the Winnipeg faithful, however, I might be changing my mind.  I don't think it gets much better than this guy:

None of you know how to skate - Five For Howling
Wow, just, wow, wow.  One thing I'd like to note to this banned poster, and any other Winnipeg residents that want to take things out on us Coyotes fans.  WE DID NOT CHOOSE TO TAKE YOUR TEAM!!!  WE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE THAT BOUGHT THE FRANCHISE AND MOVED THEM!!!  (I will stop yelling now)

I'm sorry you lost your franchise.  After the last 2 offseasons of getting a decent idea of what it would feel like, I empathize with you and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.  Which is why I'm so disappointed in the vitriol that you are spewing at us, the fans.  Hate the NHL for what they did all you want...hate the former owners that couldn't make it work...but the hatred directed at other folks that love hockey is just misplaced.

I was going to do a full recap of the city council meeting last night, and I still might get to it at some point.  But I think if you were following on Twitter (@brahmresnik @Yotesgurl @TheYotesDiva @architecture101 @jordanellel (other folks were covering as well but I can't think of them off the top of my head)) you got a pretty good feel for what went down.  Suffice it to say...the council voted unanimously to approve granting authority to the City Manager to agree to cover the Coyotes losses should a sale to a new owner not be completed before the end of the summer, which everyone made clear should not happen. 

Two interesting points of note:  (1) Numerous times, Mayor Scruggs and/or other council members suggested that there were "MOUs" that were being discussed, as in more than 1.  Hopefully this means that the council has agreed to an MOU with IEH as well as Reinsdorf and they are going to take 2 shots at making this work.  I know we here are all fully behind IEH, but really...just get it done, however possible.  (2) I spoke with Coyotes President Doug Moss prior to the meeting and discussed possibly interviewing him for the site.  He was all for it and gave me his card because I needed to get home to the wife and dinner by the time the meeting wrapped up.  So, fair Five For Howling readers, please let me know what you'd like me to ask Mr. Moss when I give him a call later this week.  Just leave questions in the comments and I'll put it all together and what-not.

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORE:  Blackhawks 5 - Canucks 1 (Chicago wins series 4-2)  I have nothing to say about this game because I was kinda busy at the City Council meeting and I haven't even seen highlights on On The Fly because it was a Tuesday and I had to watch Lost...

After the jump, Winnipeg Free Press' take on the Glendale vote, other random crap...I don't remember what it all is, just follow the jump...

Glendale council OKs NHL requirements for Coyotes - Winnipeg Free Press
GLENDALE, Ariz. — The return of the NHL to Winnipeg appears to be on hold for another year . . .

Coyotes, Jets, and The Montreal Canadiens | Bourne's Blog
Earlier in the day yesterday Justin Bourne checked in with his thoughts on the situation and then freaked us out on Twitter right before the council meeting...seriously, we were perplexed...

KuklasKorner : Hockey
Everyone knows nothing about anything...that's my feeling.  We're not out of the woods yet, but things seem to be moving in the right direction at least...

Phoenix Winnipeg Coyote-Jets, Episode 600: Attack of the Confusion - From The Rink
Who will own the Phoenix Coyotes? Where will they play? At this point, the twists and turns only tell us that there will be more twists and turns.

And by far my favorite tweet from last night's meeting:  @IceEdgeDJ: Ice edge supports winnipeg as the back up plan to the back up plan, Reinsdorf.

Well played, sir...

Getting off of all the ownership stuff...

I think we can agree that this is luck... - Behind The Net
Hitting posts analysis...great stuff as always from Gabe...

Throwing condoms at Flyers fans is new playoff tension-breaker - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Man, I hope the Flyers fans don't stoop to these guys' level tonight because it will be all we hear about...

13 Hockey Goalie Masks In Pop Culture | Gunaxin Sports
Here we have Mr. Voorhees and 12 other instances of the goalie mask popping up in film, music, and video games.  And there's your whimsy.

Tonight: Penguins-Canadiens game 7, Flyers-Bruins game 6...should be another great night of hockey...

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