Fun with the Whiteout!

The suffering is no more.  No longer are Coyotes fans shackled in the town square, prey to any wandering village idiot to take a free shot at us.  The garbage that has been cast at us without fear of remorse has been suspended.  The taunting of the public has bitten it's proverbial tongue.  And the voice that was taken from us as loyal Phoenix hockey supporters has rightfully been given back to us by a team built on unity and heart, blood and tears.      And now, espcially now, it is our turn to give it right back to them.  For every doubter, hater, and troll that has 'given us the business' for the last 6 years, this is our time to shine.   The Whiteout is back.  The Coyotes are back.  And get this... the fans are too.  With one week left to go in the season, we as fans can envelope ourselves in the warmth that is the knowledge of being a part of the 2010 playoffs.  Feels good, don't it?

 So while we relish on what fun it is to be a 'Yotes fan these days, let's not rest on our laurels. Let's start planning on how we, as fans, can do our part to take our beloved "band of underacheivers" (sic) to the next level.  Let's make this post about having some fun with the Whiteout.  From getting all costumed up, to just squeaking by in a white jersey,  this post will be our melting post of ideas for costuming ideas.   I'll get the ball rolling with some ideas that you might find humorous, or  totally insane.  Add your ideas and pics in the comments!

For the Coyotes fans who sold their souls for playoff tickets :


If you're gonna do this, I recommend you come as a group, and call yourselves "The Boo Crew".


For the Lee ( now the "White Desert Ninja") Stempniak fan:


And for a little variation:



( Storm Shadow from GI Joe, in case you weren't alive in the 80's)  This idea may have more people actually dressing this way than you'd think.  Stempniak's been a hit since being traded to Phoenix, and rightfully so.  He's definitely been a HUGE sparkplug since joining The Desert Dogs. 



How about if you're a fan of 70's stadium rock?



 Hey, actually kinda coolS I could dig on a family of four rocking the KISS facepaint. Eh?  Eh?


And if you're into facepaint, why not some variations?


The Crow:


 Heath Ledger's Joker:



Pro wrestler Sting:


 For the Jason LaBarbera fan:




For the bald and emotional, I give you Powder:



Probably one of my least favorite, but definitely not number one. I'll save that for last.


How 'bout a take on the voodoo witch doctor?


WWE wrestler Papa Shango was probably the most true to form:




Maybe you're more refined.. No problem! Ladies, throw on your wedding dresses, and thorw your husbands in something like this:



 2010 prom, anyone?  Have Howler renew your vows in Westgate Plaza?  I know someone out here is thinking about it.



 I guess this will be the most predominant look, and that's fine:




The time to get a little creative and inventive is now!  Let's get some input!  Let's go crazy and throw your wackiest ideas out, kids.  And yes, I know someone has to throw it out there,  and I will respond before it even touches the comments section of this page.





And NO, DRUNKENLY YELLING 'WHITE POWER"!  isn't acceptable, either.  Dave Chappelle (as Clayton Bigsby) doing it is funny.  You doing it isn't. That's our only stipulation, so you have free reign over anything else. And no, Assassins Creed outfits won't be frowned upon, video game nerds. We get the reference:



Alright, let the games begin!  I've been waiting a long time for to say that. Go Whiteout! Go Yotes! Go playoffs! Go Stanley Cup! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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