Coyote Tracks - Tuesday April 6 Edition

Opening Day was a seriously good time...I love having baseball back.  And seriously, I'm not a big college basketball fan, but how exciting was that game last night?  Hoo boy!  Wish that shot had gone in...Butler has nothing to feel badly about for that showing.  But I know that you are here to discuss the Coyotes, so let's not get distracted, ok...

Monday is Power Rankings Day around most of the "major media" publications...although the Coyotes had a fairly meh week, they still are showing strongly: [ESPN] [TSN] [The Hockey News]


After the jump, who wants to play the Coyotes, awards picks, Doan and more Doan...

Glendale council has yet to OK new Phoenix Coyotes lease
Glendale can't approve agreements with Jerry Reinsdorf or Ice Edge without a public vote. This is, of course, true...but they can certainly be leaning towards approving the potential lease...

The Yotes Diva: I Didn't Want it to Come to This, Winnipeg.
An impassioned plea by the Yotes Diva about why Winnipeg should just stop focusing on Phoenix...

Phoenix Coyotes Radio Interviews 04/05/2010
Shane Doan talks about all sorts of things...

Coyotes' Doan mired in long scoring drought
Shane Doan isn't looking forward to the start of the NHL playoffs just because he's waited eight years for the Phoenix Coyotes to qualify again. The veteran forward has gone 23 games without scoring a goal -- two months and counting thanks to the Olympic break -- and is anxious for a fresh start.

FTR Roundtable: NHL Awards Picks - From The Rink
Who should win the annual NHL awards? The From The Rink crew makes their picks.  Spot the Coyotes (and yes, I said Coyotes as in 2 who get props for their fine seasons)

Phoenix Coyotes record best television rating on FOX Sports Arizona since 2003-04
Yeah, hockey will never work in Arizona - sold out crowds, record TV ratings...whatever will happen with this team...

Detroit Red Wings Fan Blog " Blog Archive " Who would you want to play in the first round?
And even Red Wings fans don't want to play us in the playoffs...

Blue Jackets Recall Kolarik | Fire The Cannon | The number one place on the net for the Columbus Blue Jackets
Just interesting to see that guys like Chad Kolarik are getting a shot that they weren't getting here.  Kinda like Kevin Porter in Colorado...hopefully they find success in their new homes.

USA Network preps pilots in pipeline - Entertainment News, TV News, Media - Variety
Yeah, just check out the pilot description for Stick...sounds....intriguing...and there's your bizarro whimsy for today...

Coyotes get back on the ice tomorrow night against Nashville at fan appreciation day.  Let's have a great turnout and continue the string of 3 consecutive sellouts...

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