Dear Phoenix Coyotes Fans...


I would like to thank you for joining the bandwagon this season.  We needed it as a team, and as a state.  It's amazing what a sport can do for a city and state when it's come across bad times.  The Diamondbacks did it for the country after 9/11, the Cardinals did it a year after the Superbowl hit town, and now the Suns and Coyotes do it during the worst economic downfall we have had since the 80's.  We've seen fan favorites come back to the valley in the likes of Radim Vrbata and former Coyotes Alternate Captain Derek Morris, and a mix of new bloods in the likes of Wojtek Wolski and Lee Stempniak. It makes me tear up sitting here writing this, knowing that our team didn't continue to round 2, but tear up even more knowing what we went through and still coming out on top with a happy ending.  Dealing with scumbags trying to dismantle and sell our beloved team.  Scheming through backdoors and sidestepping so they can move the Coyotes to Hamilton.  Well guess what Moyes, we said hell no we are still here.  Everyone at the beginning of the season wrote us off, but we proved them wrong.  Yea it's sad what happened tonight, but everyone wrote us off there too, after we had the 4th best record in the NHL and forced the Western Conf. 2 time defending champs into game 7. 


 Each and every game this season, everyone has written us off as nobodies.  We proved them all wrong tonight.  Now I ask you this, will you continue to support the Phoenix Coyotes?  Or are you gonna disappear again until the next time they make the playoffs?  We need everyone we can get.  If you don't know the sport, we will teach you.  I ask you to continue to show the support you have this last half of the NHL season, and the Coyotes will continue to impress you.  If we don't start to do this now, we won't have a hockey team, and we will truly know the saying "You don't know what you have until its gone!"  Life in the valley without hockey is no life at all.  It is the greatest sport, with a class act of heroes from Shane Doan, our beloved Captain, Illya Bryzgalov, MVP Goalie, and the new comer Lee "The Desert Ninja" Stempniak.  This season ended in a way noone could have predicted. 


 It's a sad but at the same a feel good story or the new decade.  I'm glad that we were able to experience this together as fans and will continue to ask for your support with our Coyotes.  Great season this year Coyotes, you have exceeded our expectations, broken records, and have put an amazing season in the Coyotes history book.  Can't wait til next season to show all those who doubted us that this season was no fluke.  I'll catch everyone on Five For Howling.



Coyotes fan for Life


Glen Allen

Five for Howling is a fan community that allows members to post their own thoughts and opinions on the Arizona Coyotes and hockey in general. These views and thoughts may not be shared by the editor(s) of Five for Howling

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