A few cell pix from games 1 & 2


I know I'm supposed to think of 75 words to make a fanpost.  But, instead of thinking of mindless drivel to appease the masses, I guess I'll apologize and explain my situation.  I was told by a arena employee that I was on a hitlist ( by security), and I fell into the trap.  Granted, I like to have a few drinks, and as Travis can attest, I've had my moments of ridiculousness at Coyotes games.  But seeing as they were laying the law down, and a lot of people know me, He told me after game one that if I smelled like beer when I came in for game 2, they were gonna hawk me.  And they did.  I spent the second half of the game in a sushi joint, watching on a TV while enjoying some chicken.  Not what I had envisioned, getting escorted to a gate while being compliant, and voluntarily leaving as not to start trouble. 


       In retrospect, everyone knows I am just as enthusiastic as all the regulars here at FFH, and maybe it was better I left before I actually went out of my way to go overboard.  I had three beers, some Detroit fans called me a word that rhymes with 'maggot' over my 'Throw the Snake' t-shirt, and I told them how far into their internal organs I would shove their Wings jerseys.  Not the nicest thing in the world, so that's why I willingly left. Funny thing is, some guys bought me a couple shots of jager once I got out, and then I was probably not in a state of mind to go into the game, regardless.  And honestly, I'm glad I left.  From the 16+ teams that have frequented here in the last few weeks, I've noticed that almost everyone that comes on here , regardless of team loyalties, can be respectful...yet passionate about their home clubs.  My anger at leaving in the middle of the game got the best of me, and I'm embarassed at the fact I stooped to the lows of some drunk Detroit fans.  I guess they brought the worst out in me.  So to anyone I may have offended , I apologize. This includes Travis and Jordan. I realize that I was supposed to be a representative of FFH, but the old hockey player logic kicked on auto-pilot.  It was dumb.  A little funny to everyone who saw me stand up for myself, but knowing full-well I had a shadow most of the night was an idiotic move.


All that aside, I hope that helps everyone realize that like yourselves, we Phoenix fans live and die with our team.  In the past few years, our team was literally dying before our eyes.  We too, felt helpless.  And now, with the wonderment that we're going through with this playoff run, some of us are dying to show that we are passionate, and have been for years.  I've never been kicked out of anything, in my life.  But if I had to be that guy, just this once, I'm okay with that too. I wanted to live a little, and I did.  The aftermath,sure.  Not so great.    


But let me talk about the beforehand.  I am not the only person who not only loves watching the Coyotes succeed, but also loves hockey so much that my distaste for the RedWings is equal, if not higher than my fellow hockey fans. here's a couple of pictures from Day One of the Whiteout, and one from Day Two, just to show you the atmosphere that regulars at FFH feel.


( L to R: me, Travis, MPallen23, TimmyHate and his new bride)



( How do I know you're...You're looking at me....)



( Jesus Christ, that XXXL , long sleeved hoodie makes me look 50 pounds fatter than I actually am. Oh well.)



And from Day Two, before I ended up eating eel and drinking myself angrily to death, before the game. I met the nicest family, they LOVE Throw the Snake, and let me take a pic with their kid, already a Detroit hater in training:



Through and through, I love hockey.  The atmosphere here in Glendale/Phoenix would sound cliche if I said 'electric'.  It's like one of thoe "5 Gum" commericals, personified.  You can't help but get caught up.  If you're around the right people, you can have the time of your life ( one Dirty Dancing refernece and I'll stab you).  But  being around a hostile crowd, mixed with the knowledge of being stalked while enjoying myself drove me too far. The bait was there, and I bit. Hook, line, sinker.


To some, I might be an asshole. To others, they might understand why I made the choices I did.  But even if you can't, realize this: We fucking LOVE OUR HOCKEY out here.  And goddammit, you don't come into our arena thinking you can walk all over us, our fellow fans, or our team.  I don't look forward to being like this, ever again. Nor do I plan to.  But, I won't rule it out, as long as opposing fans try to come to my home arena and taunt me like the court jester in order to provoke a reaction.  I can take a quip here and there, and dish them out as well.  But you can only do so much before anyone says ' I'm gonna punch your face now'.  ( I didn't, but was getting there). So for the most part, I am done.  I am still willing to almost repeat my actions.  Well, except for the strangers at a sushi bar getting me all Courtney Love'd,  after the fact. 


I guess I was just bummed at how shitty everything went down.  Lesson learned.  Game 5 will be diffetrent, if I don't need a disguise to sneak in.


Go 'Yotes.

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