Coyote Tracks - Tuesday March 9 Edition

The remarkable thing about crazy rumor-mongers...they just don't know when to quit.  I won't link to the article, but our favorite village idiot preaching the Coyotes are on their way to Winnipeg "imminently" was defending his story on his site...good luck with that one.  Anyways, with the Coyotes sitting in solid position for a playoff run, I'll just give this as little thought as I possibly can.  Well, actually, I will confirm that the NHL is coming back to Winnipeg:

Tickets available to see NHL greats play police - Winnipeg Free Press
Drive safely this week and you may score free tickets to watch NHL greats play a police hockey team...yeah, found that from a Twitter post (don't recall who, but s/t anonymous twitterer)

No Coyotes game until Wednesday when the Canucks come to town following a Tuesday night matchup with the Avalanche.  Hopefully, they will be nice and tired and we can beat up a bit on those creepy Sedin twins...but there's still links to report about and Coyotes news...

First, LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  DAL 4 - WSH 3 (SO); CLS 0 - LAK 6 (after 2nd period, I'm not staying up for the end of this one)

After the jump, the Mueller redemption story(?) and some nice articles about how Daniel Carcillo has started to thrive in Philadelphia after his deadline deal...

Mueller tries to hit stride with Avalanche - The Denver Post
Which Peter Mueller did the Avalanche acquire last week from the Phoenix Coyotes? The prodigy who seemed on a Matt Duchene-like path to stardom as a teenage NHL rookie?  [Commentary:  I know a lot of fans felt pretty hurt when they found out that Mueller requested to be traded and then seemed to sulk (I'll even admit I was one of them)...but I have to agree also with those that remind us he's just a kid.  And I'd love to see this trade work out for the best for him and for the Coyotes (like the Upshall trade last year)]

Speaking of that Upshall trade...Philadelphia Flyers fans are starting to see Daniel Carcillo turn into the player that a lot of us thought he could be, and I (as a Flyers fan in addition to a Coyotes fan) couldn't be happier...

The Maturation of Dan Carcillo - Broad Street Hockey
Dan Carcillo is quickly becoming one of the best players on the Philadelphia Flyers, combining aggressiveness and good hockey sense with a modicum of skill.

Carcillo Becoming Huge Plus | The Puck Drops Here
It's hard to believe, but a Trade Deadline deal that GM Paul Holmgren got done last season is actually looking a lot better now.

Chalk Talk with Don Maloney 2010 | Hip Shot Blog
Yesterday STHs got a chance to talk to Don Maloney, GM of the Phoenix Coyotes. How many hockey clubs do that I wonder? Good to know that despite certain reports of "furious" execs over the additional salary, the Coyotes are still running under budget.  Is there anything GMDM can't do?  Can he come and do my taxes?

NHL Power Rankings - National Hockey League - ESPN
Coyotes hold pat at 5 in the Power Rankings...

For a two-spot of random hockey fandom, here are a few links...

That Burning Sensation (Puck-Rakers Blog)
A very unfortunate injury kept Derick Brassard out of the lineup for the past few games...

Chicago Blackhawks' National Anthem tradition has to go |
I think the fan involvement in the national anthem isn't a bad thing.  My wife is from Baltimore where they chant the "O" during Orioles games; my sister went to Cornell where they cheer the "Red" every I'm not super opposed to it, but I see the argument from both sides.  Let the debate commence in the comments...

Until tomorrow...

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