Coyote Tracks - Wednesday March 31 Edition

Well, that sucked...Vancouver definitely wanted that one more than the Coyotes and Ilya Bryzgalov had one of his weakest games of the season.  Such is life and the Coyotes will need to bounce back tonight against the Flames.  Win the game and strive towards 2 goals at once: (1) securing home ice advantage for the first round, and (2) improve the first round draft pick that we received in the Olli Jokinen trade.  Win-win.  We know Tippett will be displeased with the effort from last night, and I'd imagine we will see a better showing tonight.  Jason LaBarbera likely gets the start and hopefully we'll see even more of his solid play.

Also, during yesterday's game the FSAZ crew let us know that there was positive progress had at the Glendale City Council meeting.  Who know how positive, but we'll keep our eyes and ears open for more news...

Recaps from last night: [Travis' take] [AP via ESPN] [Nucks Misconduct should have their take up at some point]

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  PHX 1 - VAN 4; NYR 4 - NYI 3; BOS 1 - NJ 0 (OT); ATL 3 - TOR 2; OTT 5 - WSH 4 (OT); TB 2 - CLS 3; EDM 4 - DET 5; CHI 2 - STL 4; LAK 2 - NSH 0

After the jump, keeping the Coyotes in Phoenix a matter of pride, the NHL's out clause, the realities of relocation and a great story about hockey fans (albeit Red Wings ones....)...

The Canadian Press: Keeping NHL team in Phoenix has become a matter of pride for Coyotes players
More proof that this is a truly great team we have on our is further proof.  The Coyotes want to be here as badly as we want them here...

NHL: Coyotes have window to void lease, move - Phoenix Business Journal:
That being said, there is a reality to face.  But just because the NHL voids the lease, doesn't actually mean that the team is going anywhere...

The Reality Of Relocation In The NHL - From The Rink
Relocation is always a hot-button topic in the NHL, but recent events have four to six teams moving. What are the realities of the possible markets?

The party has ended, the memories linger - - Columns
The dreams of a hockey fan from Brazil came true over the weekend as a large group of fans and the Wings made his dream a reality...

Why Hockey Fans Rule - From The Rink
And Mike Chen has some video...good stuff, even if it does involve the Red Wings.

Alright Coyotes, beat the Flames tonight...

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