Coyote Tracks - TGIF March 26 Edition

Ok, it's quite late, I'm quite tired, still sick and the Coyotes lost.  You'll forgive me if I'm a bit brief today...I promise that next week when I am feeling better, I will be my usual, witty(er), more verbose self.

But first, a big shoutout to Keith Yandle who really played like a stud last night with a goal and two assists.  I didn't get to watch the entire game, but it seemed like the Coyotes looked a bit tired and let the Predators run over them a bit.  Not good, boys.  This is what has made you so deadly all year; nobody outworks you.  The schedule has been crazy recently, but hopefully Tippett will give some guys some nights off (this is why guys like Viktor Tikhonov are up with the club) and make sure we are well rested for the postseason.  Coyotes magic number is down to 1.  We're having a white-out, now it's a matter of who we're playing and what seed we're going to be.  Exciting times.

Reactions from last night: [Travis' take] [AP via ESPN] [AZCentral's Gintonio - this actually made top 4 headlines on AZCentral last night] [@YotesGurl's always hilarious take] [On the Forecheck - Preds blog and fantastic site; really one of the best on the SBNation all should be reading it regularly]

LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES: PHX 3 - NSH 4 (SO); MIN 4 - PHL 3 (OT); NYR 4 - NJ 3 (SO); TB 5 - BOS 3; WSH 2 - CAR 3 (SO); CGY 2 - NYI 3; TOR 2 - ATL 1 (OT); CHI 3 - CLS 8; FLA 1 - MTL 4; LAK 1 - STL 3; DAL 0 - SJ 3

After the jump, not much really...but some great whimsy...

Ok, may I just say that this goal by Keith Yandle is a thing of beauty:

That is just one heck of a wicked slap shot...way to go Yands!

Buccigross: An early look at the first round of the postseason - ESPN
Bucci has really been down on the Coyotes all year, so I'm usually ignoring him...but his take on potential first round match-ups is interesting enough to give a look.

Catching up with The Great One: His fantasy camp, future in NHL - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun talks to the Great One...there was a reason I was posting this, but to be honest, I don't really remember and I'm too tired to figure it might've been to joke about Mrs. Gretzky being in Vegas...I have no idea.  But it mentions my all-time favorite hockey player, Brian Leetch, in a passing reference, so there's that....

Blindside hits and you: The NHL video primer - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Watch the video, read the article and get educated on the new rules and what you need to be on the lookout for going forward...

Rangers' 3D experiment thrills fans and celebrities in attendance - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Following up on yesterday's link about the MSG 3D experience, here's a review from Puck Daddy...still no video that I've seen.

Finally, here is all the whimsy you need for the weekend.  I posted about the Name of the Year getting ready to go a few weeks back.  Well, the ballot has been finalized, the voting has begun.  Keep checking back to make sure you vote for your favorites in each round.  Personally, I think this tourney is God's Power Offor's to lose....

Name of the Year: Your 2010 Name of the Year Ballot

Coyotes vs. Avs is looking like a sellout for Saturday with the Coyotes having a chance to clinch a playoff spot with a win or OT/SO loss...wish I was going to be there, but I'll be gone all weekend.  Hold down the fort, post good links in the comments and have a most excellent weekend.  Travis will see you through the weekend and I'll be back bright and early Tuesday...

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