Coyote Tracks - Wednesday March 10 Edition

Hey hey...Canucks in town tonight...time to show up folks and keep "the true north strong and free" out of our arena!  Seriously, Vancouver travels very well into the valley and we need to counteract these HNIC lovers...Vancouver made a big comeback last night scoring 3 against the Avalanche to win 6-4...this is the final game of Vancouver's LOOOOONG road trip (14 games! - albeit with the Olympics break)...hopefully it was pretty exhausting and the team just wants to get home and the Coyotes can keep those creepy Sedin twins in check tonight...



Speaking of creepy Sedin twins:


As creepy as it is, I do love that commercial...that whole season of NHL commercials were pretty solid, actually...

Anyways...LAST NIGHT'S NHL SCORES:  NYI 2 - PHL 3; BOS 3 - TOR 4 (OT); NSH 2 - ATL 1; CGY 4 - DET 2; TB 3 - MTL 5; FLA 3 - MIN 2 (SO); VAN 6 - COL 4; OTT 4 - EDM 1; CLS 5 - ANA 2 (I had the result right...)

After the jump, Moyes to countersue(?), Coyotes potential losses, consistent NHL goalies and more...

Still haven't been able to track down the NHL's complaint against Jerry Moyes, but the caption is now showing up on NY's court system:

Full Caption
Supreme Court Records OnLine Library

NHL sues Phoenix trucking magnate Jerry Moyes
I did find it funny that the Republic just got around to posting a story about the lawsuit yesterday!  Good job guys...way to stay on top of things...granted, I think Gintonio might've had a blog posting about it, but still...

Moyes likely to countersue NHL in Coyotes dispute - Phoenix Business Journal:
Not surprisingly, Moyes just doesn't know when to quit...good luck with this idea...

NHL: Coyotes to lose $20M this season - Phoenix Business Journal:
The NHL is estimating that the Coyotes may lose $20M this season - no telling whether this includes playoff revenue projections, revenue sharing money or what.  Considering the initial estimate was $5M/month, this seems much better than that...

Coyotes coach Dave Tippett: More players create competition, add depth
Coyotes coach Dave Tippett says it takes more than 20 players for a team to be successful.  And in that vein, guys like Tikhonov, Turris, MacLean and Boedker will likely be making appearances in the valley in the near future...

Defenseman Mathieu Schneider ready to help Coyotes
I'm not sure that Schneider has much to offer the Coyotes, but he is a veteran presence, a powerplay specialist and a nice insurance policy in case someone gets hurt on the blue line.

How Consistent Are NHL Goalies? | Blog Archive | Hockey or Die | Blogs |
This is an interesting little article about how goalies perform on a game-by-game basis...Bryz has been a bit better than the average in terms of consistency.  Considering how good he has been consistently for the Coyotes, this is a very, very good thing...

Travis will check in with the game preview and gamethread later in the day and whatever other news comes out.  Have at it in the comments until then!

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