Coyote Tracks - Thursday February 4th Edition

No Coyotes game until Friday against the Blackhawks, so not a lot of news for the Desert Dogs...not to worry, we've still got links for your hockey/sports fix.

First things first though: previously...on, I mean, yesterday's scores:  Ott 4 - Buf 2 (10 straight wins for the Sens!); StL 3 - Chi 2; Car 1 - Cal 4; Phi 0 - Edm 1; Det 1 - Ana 3

David Vest has a new blog entry up discussing Keith Yandle's Team USA chances and Kurt Sauer's ongoing injury issues.  I love Yandle, and think he has the potential to be a top offensive defensemen for many years, but considering that he wasn't part of the team's preliminary drug testing or preseason orientation, I'm not sure how much he is really on the radar.  Hopefully Sauer feels better soon!

Coyotes' Aucoin delivers 'routine' game winner
Some backstory from Sarah McLellan on Adrian Aucoin's shoot-out skillz and some next day reflections on the Coyotes big shootout win in Nashville.

A Killer Coyotes/Oilers Ticket Special | Phoenix Coyotes Hockey on AZ Vibe
The Phoenix Coyotes will be hosting the Edmonton Oilers on February 8th at 7:30 PM for one of the last home games before the Olympic Break.  Coyotes are running a great special...let's fill the stands as AZ Vibe requests! | It’s No ‘Breeze’ Being #1 In Phoenix
A nice article here about our favorite Russian or Rubbish host...with far too few references to hotdogs or eating his kids' ice cream...

The Hockey News: Top 10: Players traded for Olli Jokinen
Alright, I'm not gonna lie - articles like this about Olli Jokinen will never cease to make me smile.  Remember, we still get Calgary's #1 pick and have Lombardi in our lineup...amazing!

In the realm of other sports, two interesting entertaining links to peruse over your morning coffee:

Report: Tiger Woods may make return at Match Play in Arizona
Tiger Woods could make his return to competitive golf in Marana in two weeks, according to a report in the Herald Sun, a newspaper in Australia.

This kid is awesome. Best McNabb interview ever? - Bleeding Green Nation
As my signature line implies, I'm a Philly fan as well as Coyotes fanatic and love a great Donovan McNabb interview.  This kid asks some good (read, entertaining) questions and McNabb brings the funny.  Apparently for this kid, McNabb is small potatoes, though, as he's also interviewed President Obama in the White House.

Alright back to work everyone...nothing more to see here....

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