A One-Sided Fight

When the home team is on the brink of elimination in the playoffs, the biggest advantage that they have is the crowd. No matter what the score of the game or who has the momentum, the crowd is always behind the team to support them 100%. 

The Coyotes are on the brink of utter elimination from the NHL and fans of the Phoenix franchise have come out to show their support. But in a situation like this, the fans need help from people who have larger voices than their own. The media plays a role in shaping public opinion in our world and in sports it is no different. 

Unfortunately for the Coyotes much of the media outlets in North America have taken either of two positions. Either they want the organization to move or the outlet is ignoring the situation. 

On the opposing side of the argument are many outlets. It is understandable that many, if not all, Canadian news mediums are supporting a Coyotes move since the most likely destination would be to Hamilton, Ontario, giving Canada seven NHL franchises. Canadians have brought out every statistic and bit of information possible to show why the Phoenix Coyotes should no longer reside in the desert, not to mention attacking the fan base of the organization. The news has been relentless in Canada about moving the Phoenix Coyotes. Whether they are still bitter about losing the Winnipeg Jets or Quebec Nordiques may be an undertone that Canadians are not willing to admit is part of the agenda. 

Research-in-Motion's CEO Jim Balsillie has noticed this and has taken advantage of the whole situation. His Make It Seven campaign has exploded and become a major movement in the Great White North even producing a song supporting the move of the Coyotes. 

Not every Canadian is for the move to Southern Ontario and Coyote fans have taken solace in the fact that they are not alone in their fight against losing their franchise. As a sports fan, the worse thing that you can wish upon an opposing fan is that their team either fold or move. No matter how much you despise the opposing team you can not wish that on any sports fan. Unfortunately, many Canadians are doing this to Coyotes fans. 

However, what is hurting the cause of the Phoenix Coyotes the most in the media world is the fact their own hometown outlets are not supporting the team either. Is the situation bleak? Yes. Would it be very hard for the Coyotes franchise to dig themselves out of this hole? Of course it would be. However for a hometown media to either desert, or even speak out against their own franchise is a blow to the organization and especially the fans. 

If there is any consolation to Desert Dog fans it is one thing. If the Phoenix Coyotes somehow survive to stay in Phoenix longer, the hope is that they can turn things around and prove to all the nay-sayers that hockey can thrive in Arizona. Much like living through the bad times of a franchise on the ice only to see them finally lift the Stanley Cup, it would be bittersweet to have Coyote fans be able to point and laugh about how wrong the opposition was. 

Many media outlets around the United States have stayed relatively silent on this whole issue only reporting the facts of the situation to hockey fans around the country. Hockey in the United States takes a back seat to most other sports with many large outlets, such as ESPN (which is supposed to be the world wide leader in sports), completely ignoring the proceedings which could not only ultimately decide the fate of the Coyotes, but affect every other major sport in the United States. 

But for now Coyote fans will have to wait and hope that a Rocky IV type ending will take place. Coyote fans are taking the blows now but are just waiting for the chance to fight back and, despite all the odds, get the victory. 

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