The Virgin and the Bankruptcy

Let me preface this by saying I am a newish hockey fan- a virgin fan, if you will.

The potential of having the Phoenix Coyotes taken away has enraged and wounded me. My number one fear? Not that the team would move, but what would my husband do? Or my friends that put so much into the Coyotes?

After this year, I’ll no longer be a virgin. And hockey will not be a game. It's a business. One that capitalizes on hard work, ice and a touch of violence. And Moyes, whom I hope gets run over by a truck, has done what any self valuing individual would do to save his ass. Shame on the NHL for letting him take the risk for this team on his own. And then letting Gretzky coach, when he is not a trained professional coach.

Tonight I came home and was fuming - in particular at the fans that think the team could have been successful if the arena was downtown, that Glendale, AZ was too far. Unless one rides the bus, Glendale is not too far. And it’s no wonder that the rest of the country thinks we have fickle pansy fans with all this griping about a 40 minute or even 60 minute drive. Apparently these people have never commuted in California or Chicago.

I’m mad at the Canadian fan saying that hockey should only be played in a country where it is the #1 pastime. That leaves 1 sport for every country dumbass.

I’m annoyed at the folks who keep alluding to getting the Winnipeg Jets back. For their own sake- I hope they can move on from that betrayal. And now I understand. I understand why David Shoalts and other Canadian media have been snarking around waiting for the Phoenix Coyotes to fail. If the Yotes move, I could cheer for players, but will have a hard time cheering for any Team ButtBerry. Even if they don’t move- I couldn’t cheer for a Team ButtBerry.

The silver lining has been some of the support from other fans- Sabres, Puppets, Predators, Penguins and even Coyotes. People who have been through this before. And even people excited about another team in Canada- that express it in a non-douchebag way, even this, I’m glad to see.

We’re organizing, doing what we fans can to show the league and Yotes our support. And I’m just glad that in the midst of the craziness, the Hubs is willing to stop what he’s doing and listen to me. That to him- I’m more important.*

*On a side note- for all you hot and heavy fans out there- your chances of getting laid increase greatly when your significant other knows this.

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