Coyotes Commit to the Tank - Fall to Devils 5-2


Really? You could have fooled me tonight...

That was a pretty terrible game. Let's break down exactly what the Coyotes didn't do well. I could just say everything, but that's not really fair. They scored twice so I guess that's something. But overall a pretty poor showing. Upshall came to play again. He's been super since he came from Philly. Prust got into a couple of scraps so those that thought we didn't have a fighter anymore can dig that. After that though, not a lot of good to report on. The Defense was attrocious. They were turning over the puck, leaving guys wide open, it was ugly. While I know Jovo has some defenders is it a coincidence that he's on the ice for the first two Devils' goals? Not really. He's way up there in terms of the minus side of the +/-. THe checking game was around for about 5 minutes and vanished after that. It looked like they were starting to pack it in with maybe 6 or 7 guys actually playing and the rest just skating around. It's really got me thinking that someone will be sitting Wayne down over the summer to have a talk. I don't know who's in power to do that, but someone has to because this team looks horrible right now. Not that they have anything to play for anymore except for a better draft pick. They're doing a great job of it too, letting teams like the Islanders win and such. We're pretty much mathematically eliminated from contention though. If only the Avs could win a few games we'd be set. Tavares here we come!

Tank for Tavares / Hurl for Hedman / Cower for Cowen Standings:

Team              GP        W          L       OTL     PTS     GF         GA

NY Islanders 68 23 37 8 54 171 220
Atlanta 67 26 35 6 58 201 227
Tampa Bay 68 22 32 14 58 177 224
Colorado 67 29 37 1 59 178 211
Phoenix 68 28 34 6 62 168 210
Ottawa 67 27 30 10 64 173 195
Los Angeles 66 29 28 9 67 176 193
Toronto 69 27 29 13 67 201 243
St. Louis 66 30 28 8 68 185 196
Minnesota 66 32 28 6 70 171 162
Dallas 67 31 28 8 70 193 207
Anaheim 68 32 30 6 70 190 200
Edmonton 66 32 27 7 71 187 203
Nashville 68 33 30 5 71 173 189
Buffalo 68 34 27 7 75 200 189
Columbus 68 35 27 6 76 189 189

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