Coyote Tracks - December 16th, 2009 - I Love Rakes

Seriously, these things are everywhere. Get to raking!

Yeah it's Phoenix Coyotes at the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight which means that there are a lot more articles about the COyotes out there than usual. Frankly most of them are fairly nice even if a certain someone had to go write yet another article about our attendance. Anyhow. Lots of activity today. Preview will be up midday, Gamethread at 5:00 for the game at 5:30. Expect lots of Leaf fans visiting from Pension Plan Puppets, but if you feel anyone's being troll like remember those flag buttons and we'll get them dealt with as fast as possible.

Coyotes Links

USA Today had 3 big articles about the Coyotes for your browsing pleasure:

Q&A: Potential Coyotes owner Keith McCullough -
Ice Edge Holdings chairman Keith McCullough talks about how to make the Coyotes competitive on and off the ice.

Coyotes aiming to reconnect with fans after bankruptcy -
As the Phoenix Coyotes' financial woes got worse late last season, executive vice president Jeff Holbrook recalled his days with the bankrupt Buffalo Sabres in 2003 when that team worried about having enough pucks for games and cash for payroll.

Eight reasons the Coyotes will end their seven-year playoff drought -
The Phoenix Coyotes haven't made the playoffs since 2001-02, but USA TODAY hockey reporter Kevin Allen believes they will break through this season. Here's why:...

Day 1 roundup from NHL board of governors' meetings - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun Blog on - Features a lot about the goings on at Pebble Beach Concerning the Coyotes.

San Jose Sharks' Dan Boyle takes rap for hit that caused his injury - San Jose Mercury News
Dan Boyle said Monday he has only himself, not Phoenix Coyotes forward Taylor Pyatt,  to blame for the bang-bang collision that left him writhing on the ice in pain in the final seconds of San Jose's 2-1 loss Saturday night at Arena.

Praising Arizona: Coyotes dig deep
Ilya Bryzgalov is a goaltender by trade. But his true passion is in construction. - Blogs - Not everyone believes Phoenix is a viable hockey market
Really? You don't say... You mean to tell me there are Naysayers about hockey in Phoenix? I just can't believe it.

Coyotes in high spirits; low in attendance - The Globe and Mail
Despite off-ice distractions Phoenix have enjoyed on-ice success this season in the NHL; Which is good, but hey don't forget that they have low attendance. Seriously. They do . You wouldn't think being shoved around in bankruptcy court would have an effect on a team, but it does. Wow. :-P

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